Tools Intermediate



Here’s a list of our favorite tools for webpreneurs, brands, and online small businesses.

The tools listed for intermediates are for those webpreneurs who have an ability to pay for more premium apps that will help scale your businesses and provide extra value to your potential clients and website visitors.


websites: squarespace

Squarespace is a huge all-in-one website builder with a lot of DIY features.  Although there’s a small learning curve, it will create beautiful websites.  Skill Space itself uses Squarespace as a content management system and website builder.  Others users include Create & Cultivate, Femtrepreneur, #GirlBoss Foundation, Lyft, and Pixar Animation Studios.

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WEBSITES: WORDPRESS.ORG is the top dog when it comes to website building and content management.  However it can be hugely overwhelming so I don’t necessarily recommend it for beginners who are still getting their business off the ground.  WordPress is an open-sourced platform with a huge learning curve but can prove quite worth the investment once you get situated.  Skill Space itself uses for our membership training portal.


email marketing: convertkit

Upgrading to a premium email marketing program is a great investment.  Your email list is yours and yours alone and you want to give each of your subscribers the right amount of TLC.  ConvertKit is a worthwhile upgrade from Mailchimp without spending the big bucks that InfusionSoft charges.  A comparable program in the less than $50/month category is Drop, but I personally upgraded from Mailchimp to ConvertKit and find the ease-of-use and advanced functionality perfect for anyone looking to scale and nurture their business with their email list.


Landing pages: leadpages

Leadpages is a great software program that generates leads and sales for your business online.  There are many different features with high-conversion ready made templates, drag-and-drop customization, app integrations, and even built-in payments. It is highly worth the investment for scaling your conversions and business.


Social media management: smarterqueue

SmarterQueue has consistently proven itself to be a powerful tool for managing all your social media networks/channels.  Features include content recycling, a drag-and-drop visual calendar, categorization, and personalized analytics reports to help you better plan your content.  SmarterQueue dominates it’s competitors at an affordable price.


Growth-Hacking: Sumo

Sumo is a suite of apps and tools geared toward helping you growth your business. Tools include list-building call-to-actions like banners and flyouts; there is a heat mapping tool that tracks where on your website visitors are spending most of their time; easy social share buttons located in a convenient to access location your website; analytics; a message center; and lots of templates to help you do this successfully.  Sumo is trusted by Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Beachbody, Entrepreneur, the Chive, and Skill Space.

*All links with asterisk are affiliate programs. No one is paying extra if they use my links, I simply benefit from commission. Purchasing through these links helps support Skill Space at no extra cost to you.  I do not recommend any products I don’t personally swear by.