Here’s a list of our favorite tools for webpreneurs, brands, and online small businesses.  Tools in the beginners category favor affordability and ease-of-use with out sacrificing power and bang for your buck when it comes to building your business.


websites: squarespace

Squarespace is a huge all-in-one website builder with a lot of DIY features.  Although there’s a small learning curve, it will create beautiful websites.  Skill Space itself uses Squarespace as a content management system and website builder.  Others users include Create & Cultivate, Femtrepreneur, #GirlBoss Foundation, Lyft, and Pixar Animation Studios.

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Websites: wix

Wix isn’t for everyone, just like WordPress isn’t for everyone.  But, Wix is growing up to be a pretty awesome contender as an all-in-one website builder.  Wix is best for landing pages or smaller websites.  This is a drag-and-drop website builder with many DIY options, but once you pick a theme you’re stuck with a theme.  So if you are bored easily or are constantly active on an ever-changing and ever-growing website system/community Wix might be up your alley.


email marketing: mailchimp

MailChimp is a great beginners email marketing program with great templates, the ability to send automated emails, drip features, and more all for free up to 1,000 email subscribers!  Plus, MailChimp connects to many more plugins and third-party apps so that your email collecting is streamlined straight to your designated list.


note taking & mind mapping: evernote

Evernote has been around a long time and has always been a great way of note-keeping all your ideas, clipping articles or image from the Internet to save within Evernote, and just compiling topics and research that you might have for your business or brand.  The free version works quite nicely across two devices with ample amount of storage included before you even need to consider upgrading.


Graphic & Document creation: Canva

Canva is an amazing program to let you use templates and a vast variety of icons and elements to create a beautiful cover photo, mail campaign, advertisement, photo graphic, etc.

Although I’m proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, I have certainly found myself using Canva because the pre-made templates cut a lot of time instead of starting from scratch within the Adobe software. 

The free version offers a lot of features, but you would need to upgrade if you want team collaboration or custom branding options.


project management: asana

Asana is a free program for workflow and project management and does an excellent job organizing solo or shared tasks, teams, deadlines, milestones, and projects.  I feel like Asana is a much better interface and flows much better than competitors like Trello, but it’s essentially the same as Trello if you are already using that and are quite happy.

Freedcamp is also an excellent project management SaaS that is free as well. 


Email List Building: privy

Building and growing your email lists is the most important form of marketing for an online business owner.  Your email list is one of the only things that actually belongs to you: Facebook likes, Group members, Instagram followers, etc all belong to the companies that own them.  A few years ago, list-building wasn’t given the importance it is given now and Privy is an excellent free tool for building your list with opt-ins, pop-ups, flyouts, banners, and more.  As a beginner or intermediate, you wouldn’t even miss the paid features of Privy as the analytics and customization are well worth it in the free version.

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