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3 Ways to Create Killer Marketing Tools with Visme

| Marketing

Personalized and interactive marketing tools will increase your success rate with networking and with conversions.  Why?  Because people are attracted to killer visuals and appreciate when they are spoken to directly.  If you create interactive and enticing marketing tools, whether that’s a hero image, a blog post graphic, an infographic, or a presentation as part of a pitch.  And if it’s personalized even a little bit?  Then they are going to be wanting to find out more!

Visme will offer you killer marketing tools, like graphics, infographics, and presentations.  All in an easy-to-use project design system.  

“People are attracted to killer visuals and
appreciate when they are spoken to directly.”

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How to Set Up Google Analytics to Email You Acquisition Reports

| Business

Google pretty much dominates when it comes to how a website ranks on the web, so it’s not surprising that Google Analytics would have an elaborate system of tracking your website’s performance.  The Google Analytics system has many great metrics to measure so that you can stay on top of how your website is doing, engagement, who and where your audience is coming from geographically, amongst other data.

A really important metric is learning how your audience is getting to your website (eg, where your traffic is coming from).  This is called “Acquisition.”  The four main categories include the following:

  • Direct acquisition is someone who types your website address into the search bar and clicks “enter” or “submit.”
  • Referral acquisition is someone who clicks on a hyperlink from another website that connects (or points them) to your website.
  • Organic acquisition is when visitors search an inquiry into their favorite search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) and it yields a result with your website and then they click to visit your website.  The importance of understanding how this work is detailed in our SEO Like a Pro blog series.
  • Social acquisition is visitors coming to your website from a social media network like Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit.

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How to Create a Winning LinkedIn Headline

| Blogging

Turning Your Boring Headline Into One that Converts

By default, LinkedIn makes a user’s headline the following: Current Position at Current Employer.  Some might not even know they can change that.  But you can and you should!  This will dramatically change your view and conversion rates.

If you read our SEO series on Google search algorithms, then learning LinkedIn has their own search algorithm shouldn’t be a hard task to master.  This means, know your keywords.  We’ve included a downloadable social media keyword planner to help you with this.

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How to Create a Custom Vanity URL

| Business

Give your business a marketing boost with your very own vanity url.

We decided to create a custom vanity URL after doing research for our post on Why Bitly Will Knock Your Socks Off.  We love both Bitly and Rebrandly, but we loved the idea to amp up our marketing even more.  You can use either service with your own custom domain and we will show you how you can do it all by yourself.

A vanity URL is a custom URL purchased and branded uniquely representing you and your business.  It’s just like buying your own new domain name and URL, the difference is that a vanity URL is used for marketing purposes.  A vanity URL is used to shorten links users have to type in in order to be directed to a website.  In the previous post, Why Bitly Will Knock Your Socks Off, we discuss it with social media and posting links.  But it can also be used in promotional materials.

to learn more about how to choose your custom vanity URL and what you do once you purchase your new domain.

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