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Why MailChimp is best for beginners

| Marketing

This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I simply believe in MailChimp for webpreneurs who are just starting out or who want to simplify their workflows.

I started using MailChimp many years ago when I was a lifestyle blogger.  At first, I didn’t love it, but I couldn’t rationalize going elsewhere when MailChimp was free!  Plus, they’re based here in Atlanta, Georgia so I feel an extra sense of kindred to them.  However, over the years, they’ve continued to improved their service for their users.  What used to be paid has now switched to the free accounts.  How many companies do that?!  Not many!  They’re rationale for making advanced features free is simply: “At MailChimp, our mission has always been to help small businesses grow by democratizing powerful marketing tools that are often reserved for large enterprises.”

Well, I’m sold.

Now, let’s dive into more reasons MailChimp is a great option, particularly for beginners.

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Why You Should Use Airtable

| Business

Article written by Olivia Winslow, part of the Skill Space team

Some people swear by Trello or Asana to stay organized but I swear by Airtable. Airtable is a customizable spreadsheet and database combo. Airtable’s founding principle is  “…that software shouldn’t dictate how you work—you should dictate how it works.” I believe this statement 100%. Software should be what you need it to be not what others want it to be. I’m not the only one that believes in this system over 30,000 companies use Airtable including Target, Slack, Shopify, Buzzfeed, and Airbnb. Investors for Airtable include actor Ashton Kutcher and former product director for Facebook and Google, Benjamin Ling.

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My Favorite WordPress Plugins

| Blogging

The reason WordPress is such a big deal is that it is an open-source platform.  This means that it’s collaborative by the entire community; anyone can come in and create something for the rest of the WordPress community to use.  This has its own considerations in terms of security and upkeep. 

We’ve compiled a short list of 4 of our favorite plugins for you to consider for your WordPress website.

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The Best Way to Build Your Stock Library

| Blogging

Stock photos are an important aspect of your visual brand and not everybody is a professional photographer. Even if you are, chances are you don’t have the opportunities these stock photographers have for taking pictures of the exact items you need to have visuals for on your website, across social media, and on physical marketing materials.  Here is my recommendation for how to nail down some pretty awesome stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and more to build your library.

To avoid legal repercussions, what you want in a stock graphic is either one of the following terms: royalty-free or commercial-use.  All of the options listed are for royalty-free and commercial-use downloads.

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6 Products to Boost Your Biz

| Technology



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