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The 4 must-haves for your domain name

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It is getting harder and harder to get a dot com domain name.  And if it’s even available for you, it’s probably coming with a premium four-figure price tag.  How disappointing is that?!  I’ve been there and many of us have been there.

Heck, it’s why there’s a hyphen for

I see a lot of people going through this themselves and there is a lot of conflicting advice on which direction people should go: just have a really long domain name to get that prestigious “” or choose another extension.

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5 tips to improve your keyword research


From getting started with researching keywords to choosing the right ones, we’ve answered five common questions when it comes to keyword research so that your strategy can become a little more confident and polished.  

Don’t forget to catch up with the rest of the SEO Like a Pro series if you need a refresher.


Start by defining your business and brainstorming adjectives for your brand and business (this is also called a seed list).  Seed lists can have as few as 10 keywords and as many as 100 — the number is up to you.  Then, use a keyword research tool or a competition tool using your seed list and investigate popular and related keywords that are also very applicable to your business.  Remember, you don’t want to start throwing out popular keywords that don’t relate because that will just confuse Google and negatively affect your rankings.

ReadEstablishing Authority, Trust, and Relevance.

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Improve Your Rankings with SEO

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ways to improve rankings & what search engines are looking for from your site

Search engines (SEs) “crawl,” or scan the website’s coding, using “bots” and pre-determined algorithms in order to index the content on your page and store the information essentially in a very large database.  The bots are looking for certain indicators (such as keywords, but there are other indicators as well).  

Understanding search engine optimization and the proper use of SEO helps these bots find those indicators easily — which leads to your rankings (eg, PageRank) and organic traffic to increase.

Remember, to refer back to this post if you need a refresher on key terms (we italicized and linked back to the glossary the terms that are defined for you).  You can also get the glossary of terms download so you can have a constant reference.

to learn the three benchmarks in which search engines are grading your website.

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What is SEO?

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What is seo?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  Essentially, it is when you make calculated changes to your website in order for Google and other search engines to deem your website as a trustworthy source.  By doing so, you get a high ranking in search results and therefore your website traffic will increase.

Throughout this series we will breakdown topics such as how to optimize your blog posts, how to optimize pages on your website, performing a keyword search, on-page versus off-page SEO, and essentially just creating quality content to increase organic traffic.  If all of this sounds like jibberish, today I’m just going to focus on defining some key terms and we will jump into the next topic on Thursday.

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