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Why You Should Use SoundCloud for Your Podcast

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Article by Olivia Winslow, part of the Skill Space team.

Podcasts rose to popularity in the early 2000’s after the 90’s internet boom. As consumers became adept at having content at their fingertips podcasts became a brilliant marketing tool for businesses as consumers can choose to listen to the podcast whenever and wherever they want. Podcasts are fairly affordable to produce depending on what kind of equipment you use. We recently decided to launch our podcast Build Your Biz. But deciding to launch it and actually launching it is two different things.


Podcast Hosting

The first step to launching our podcast was to find a hosting platform. So what in the world is a hosting platform? A hosting platform is a system that holds the data to your podcast and creates the RSS feed which you use to distribute your podcast. After doing some research I have discovered there are thousands of hosting platforms and some of them can be quite pricey.

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Build Biz in 7 Launch

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Hello, hello!

We have officially launched the brain-child of Skill Space, Build Your Biz in 7 in order to better streamline the community.

From here on out, all member community access will go through that website.  It will be a much more interactive and visitor-friendly experience for our community members.  Certain points of the Skill Space and Build Biz in 7 websites link to each other interchangeably. 

Our goal is to have Skill Space completely free and have no password protected pages.  Skill Space will still function as a blog and professional service listing database.  In addition, courses, ebooks, and content will be developed for everyone.

However, for those who want to go a step beyond, our member community on this new website, Build Your Biz in 7, will require you to have an account and login.  At this time, it is still 100% free to be a member of the community.  There are downloadables, free courses, free ebooks, forums, a private Facebook group, and free 1:1 coaching all at your disposal 24/7.

If you aren’t already a member, sign up today!  And I’ll see you over there in the community! 

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