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5 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is the largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members.  For that reason, it has a lot of clout and Google SEO juice.

Let’s look at 3 reasons why having a LinkedIn profile matters:

  • You’ll have an “all about me, what I do, my websites, and how you can contact me” spot on a highly reputed website.  
    Think of it as a one-stop-shop about you.  This is a very advantageous marketing strategy when done right.  For instance, did you know you can share your blog posts and content to LinkedIn?  Most social media managers sync with your LinkedIn profile to help you do just that.
  • You get endorsements that add value to your profile, your brand, and what you’re doing.
    Having people endorse you on your “marketing” skills, “copywriting” ability, or being an “Adobe Illustrator” wizard can go a long way.  Remember that clout I was mentioning earlier?  Think of clout as the more you have, the more you are an influencer or expert in your field.
  • You network for free with fellow professionals in your industry.
    That’s a pretty big deal.  You can’t always make time to have quality conversations on any social media network, but having the ability to network with peers is valuable.  Discover and connect with professionals you don’t already know as well as influencers and other like-minded people that could develop into either a business or personal relationship.

How about those tips, now?

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Managers

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Welcome to 2017!

In 2016, we compared five social media managers: Buffer, CoSchedule, eClincher, Hootsuite, and Edgar.  In one year, there is many feature updates as well as many worthwhile contenders.  Consider this the update to our 2016 article, including introducing you to many more social media managers (including our two favorites who aren’t even from the original article!).


The Original 5

In early 2016, Skill Space compared and graded Buffer, CoSchedule, eClincher, Hootsuite, and Meet Edgar.  Of the five, only Hootsuite received a grade of an “A.”  Buffer and eClincher received “B” grades, CoSchedule received a “C,” and Edgar made a “D.”  

You can read more in the original post, however today we will simply touch on program updates before re-grading the original five amongst seven new programs.

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7 No-Brainer Marketing Techniques Your Online Biz Needs

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Marketing Solved has this really great graphic roaming around on Pinterest and social media talking about the top 50 marketing habits your business should be using.

On Twitter, Skill Space was asked what our top FIVE of those were.  Well, we ended up narrowing it down to ten because some are really great and some are kind of more commonsense.

Read the full list of 50 from Marketing Solved here.

1. Start a blog and provide valuable information to your readers.

This is tip #3 from Marketing Solved and really is Skill Space’s #1 marketing technique.  Aiming to provide free and actionable information with a blog is absolutely hands down the best marketing technique for a business in the online world.  Now, does it grow traffic as well as other things?  Yes and no.  Once you have a blog then you have to market your blog and that includes extra tasks.  But, getting people to your website and having them stick around means having something for them to stick around and do.

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Instagram Hashtags You Should Be Using for Your Business

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Using both high and low competition hashtags to further your reach on instagram.

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Like to use Instagram?  I do, too.  It’s an amazing tool for microblogging and getting your name out there.  I actually managethree Instagram accounts: one for my personal brand, one for Skill Space, and one for my husband’s shop.  So I’m pretty well versed on hashtag usage in a variety formats.

Today, I’m simply rounding up some high competition hashtags (eg, very popular), but also some great ones for your business niche that maybe aren’t so popular (eg, low competition) but are more fine-tuned for your needs (and therefore audience).

Building Your Business 101 discusses the basics and ways to utilize social media, including Instagram.

Stay tuned as we will be publishing a post on Instagram hashtags for other categories as well.

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