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4 Reasons We All Need to Be Podcasting

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Podcasting is nothing new.  So why in the world should you start a podcast now?  Why are we?

Most of Internet businesses run on text and copy (like this blog is doing right now).  People are constantly reading articles, updates, news feeds.  The reason why Instagram was a game-changer is because Instagram broke that cycle of constant reading.  That was a major paradigm shift in social media and Internet marketing: now visuals superseded text for information-gathering and processing.

While podcasting might not be the same level of success that visuals provide on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, podcast episodes create a dynamic that is in a different playing field altogether.

Here are a few reasons Skill Space wanted to start a podcast and why you should as well.

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The Best Way to Build Your Stock Library

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Stock photos are an important aspect of your visual brand and not everybody is a professional photographer. Even if you are, chances are you don’t have the opportunities these stock photographers have for taking pictures of the exact items you need to have visuals for on your website, across social media, and on physical marketing materials.  Here is my recommendation for how to nail down some pretty awesome stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and more to build your library.

To avoid legal repercussions, what you want in a stock graphic is either one of the following terms: royalty-free or commercial-use.  All of the options listed are for royalty-free and commercial-use downloads.

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3 Ways to Create Killer Marketing Tools with Visme

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Personalized and interactive marketing tools will increase your success rate with networking and with conversions.  Why?  Because people are attracted to killer visuals and appreciate when they are spoken to directly.  If you create interactive and enticing marketing tools, whether that’s a hero image, a blog post graphic, an infographic, or a presentation as part of a pitch.  And if it’s personalized even a little bit?  Then they are going to be wanting to find out more!

Visme will offer you killer marketing tools, like graphics, infographics, and presentations.  All in an easy-to-use project design system.  

“People are attracted to killer visuals and
appreciate when they are spoken to directly.”

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25 Resources to Perfect Your Instagram Game

| Marketing

Want to know what the best tips were for Instagram?  Here’s a small compilation of only the best resources Skill Space has come across to help you today.

Instagram is kind of a big deal, no?

We can’t all be expert Instagrammers, but the following website’s have created tons of content and compiled great advice to help you improve your ‘gram game the right way.

Let’s start with building your Instagram strategy

Obviously you know the basics and purpose of the app itself, but developing a successful Instagram strategy for your business in a sea of users can be tricky.  Here, Facebook and Instagram themselves even weigh in and provide insight on how to use Instagram for your business and brand.

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5 Lessons About Branding We Can Learn From Superheroes

| Business

Superheroes are brands made human. One only needs to look at the logos on their chests, some of which are the most consistently recognized symbols around. What’s more, these walking, talking brand ambassadors have millions of fans all over the world. They tap into our innate desire to experience dramatic storytelling at its best, and being well-rounded characters with backstories and relatable personality traits, they create a meaningful connection with their audience. There are valuable lessons that brands and ad agencies can learn from superheroes – here are some you won’t want to forget.

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How to Create a Winning LinkedIn Headline

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Turning Your Boring Headline Into One that Converts

By default, LinkedIn makes a user’s headline the following: Current Position at Current Employer.  Some might not even know they can change that.  But you can and you should!  This will dramatically change your view and conversion rates.

If you read our SEO series on Google search algorithms, then learning LinkedIn has their own search algorithm shouldn’t be a hard task to master.  This means, know your keywords.  We’ve included a downloadable social media keyword planner to help you with this.

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