Q&A with Melyssa Griffin

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Melyssa is the blogger and creative force behind The Nectar Collective, a website dedicated to providing information for businesses and bloggers alike.  With the help of her collaborators, Melyssa has created a hub with a wealth of tools for readers to improve themselves and their brands.  

Where do you learn the content for your blog?

By reading and experiencing. There’s no quick way to learn anything and the best strategy for me has just to completely immerse myself in the blogging and online business world. I’m quick to try new products, read new books, and search for ways that I can continue to master my craft. It all goes back to curiosity and discipline.

How do you distinguish when a resource should be free and when it should be paid?

That’s a tough question! Generally, my free resources cover the surface of a topic. They are still in-depth and useful, but they won’t show you how to become an expert on any given topic. My paid resources, on the other hand, are extensive and include step-by-step systems for my students to follow. Also, most of my paid resources include different forms of media, such as video, rather than just text. Basically, if you can create an entire series about something with expert advice, it could probably be offered as a paid product.

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