55+ Webpreneur Tips to Making 2018 Your Best Year Yet

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2018 is right around the corner and we’ve compiled this nice huge list of AWESOME resources that you can use to start implementing now before 2018 hits.  The more you plan your 2018 now (I recommend breaking it into four quarters in terms of your larger goals), the better your strategy will flow once it’s time to hit the ground running.

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My Favorite WordPress Plugins

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The reason WordPress is such a big deal is that it is an open-source platform.  This means that it’s collaborative by the entire community; anyone can come in and create something for the rest of the WordPress community to use.  This has its own considerations in terms of security and upkeep. 

We’ve compiled a short list of 4 of our favorite plugins for you to consider for your WordPress website.

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The 4 must-haves for your domain name

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It is getting harder and harder to get a dot com domain name.  And if it’s even available for you, it’s probably coming with a premium four-figure price tag.  How disappointing is that?!  I’ve been there and many of us have been there.

Heck, it’s why there’s a hyphen for skill-space.com.

I see a lot of people going through this themselves and there is a lot of conflicting advice on which direction people should go: just have a really long domain name to get that prestigious “yourcompanyname.com” or choose another extension.

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3 Reasons Squarespace Is For You & 3 Reasons It Isn’t

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I love Squarespace.  I work a lot with other website builders, but Squarespace is my favorite.  It’s a happy medium between the others providing a closed-source, high-quality system for DIY website builders. 

But, that doesn’t mean only smaller scale businesses use Squarespace.  While WordPress might be the main name out there, companies like Pixar Animation Studios, Fast Company, Lyft and Sophia Amoruso’s #GirlBoss all use Squarespace.

Let’s dive into the reasons Squarespace IS for you:

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3 Reasons to Join Facebook Groups

| Marketing

I am 100% a huge advocate for the power of the Facebook community.  But not just for the public profile and advertising potential, but for the closed and private niche-specific Facebook groups.  That’s where the Facebook gold is, in my opinion.

1. Find Your People

Call them your tribe, your network, or just members of your niche.  I like calling them my people.  Because they are.  They share my struggles, my wins.  They are a few steps of ahead of me and provide valuable insight or a few steps behind me and I can pay it forward.  Finding your people makes solving the problems of online entrepreneurship (regardless of your niche) much easier.  Because you have many many more brains to help you, guide you, and cheer you on.

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