Episode 19: DIY Success With Your ICA Featuring Landon Porter

| Business

Interview with Amy Smith and Landon Porter discussing the importance of identifying and targeting your Niche, how to connect with your ICA by knowing them better than they know themselves, and a lot of other helpful tips and tricks.
I had the honor of interviewing Landon Porter from the amazing and successful Getting Clients Without Being Salesy group. He’s known as the Sales Gorilla and there’s a pretty good reason for it. Him and the rest of the Gorilla marketing team do an amazing job helping webpreneurs and he just has a whale ton of knowledge just in this episode alone.

If you want to know more about your ICA, narrowing down your niche, and some strategies for success with clients, this is a must-listen interview but at a minimum go see if you and the group are a good fit: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gorillajuice/

Featuring Landon Porter:



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Episode 18: Advice from entrepreneur couples on how they make it work

| Business

Relationships can be challenging on their own. However, when you add in also owning your own business as a couple, it adds an additional hurdle for you to tackle together. 

This episode features interviews with four entrepreneur couples who discuss challenges that they have faced, how they make it work, and advice for other entrepreneur couples. 

The guests in this episode include:
Amanda Sloan & Thom Knight with Thankful Cow

Megan & Justin Hunt with Hunt Family Design

Miranda & Brent  Nahmias with Miranda Nahmias

Leilani Wells & Massimo Della Guardia with Leilani Wells


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Why MailChimp is best for beginners

| Marketing

This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I simply believe in MailChimp for webpreneurs who are just starting out or who want to simplify their workflows.

I started using MailChimp many years ago when I was a lifestyle blogger.  At first, I didn’t love it, but I couldn’t rationalize going elsewhere when MailChimp was free!  Plus, they’re based here in Atlanta, Georgia so I feel an extra sense of kindred to them.  However, over the years, they’ve continued to improved their service for their users.  What used to be paid has now switched to the free accounts.  How many companies do that?!  Not many!  They’re rationale for making advanced features free is simply: “At MailChimp, our mission has always been to help small businesses grow by democratizing powerful marketing tools that are often reserved for large enterprises.”

Well, I’m sold.

Now, let’s dive into more reasons MailChimp is a great option, particularly for beginners.

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Episode 17: Clarifying your ICA and Content Marketing with Elisha Israel

| Business

This episode features an interview with Elisha Israel.

Amy and Elisha discuss the importance of finding your niche, stepping out of your comfort zone and networking with individuals outside of your specialty, building dependable relationships with clients, giving honest expectations of the work that you provide to clients and not overselling your work, gaining a clear scope of work that you do, and reverse engineering your business strategies.

You can find Elisha at:

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Why You Should Use Airtable

| Business

Article written by Olivia Winslow, part of the Skill Space team

Some people swear by Trello or Asana to stay organized but I swear by Airtable. Airtable is a customizable spreadsheet and database combo. Airtable’s founding principle is  “…that software shouldn’t dictate how you work—you should dictate how it works.” I believe this statement 100%. Software should be what you need it to be not what others want it to be. I’m not the only one that believes in this system over 30,000 companies use Airtable including Target, Slack, Shopify, Buzzfeed, and Airbnb. Investors for Airtable include actor Ashton Kutcher and former product director for Facebook and Google, Benjamin Ling.

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Episode 14: Creative Collaborations featuring Krista Rae

| Podcast

This episode features Krista Rae from KristaRae.co and the successful collaborative business with Kory Woodard, CodedCreative.co.

Collaborating with others is an extremely effective way to reach new audiences and grow your brand.

Learn about ways to approach collaborations and partnerships with other entrepreneurs and brands as well as ways to make it successful… plus how to know when it’s best to walk away.

Follow along on iTunes or SoundCloud.

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9 Online Growth Hacking Techniques

| Blogging

It’s a new year and there is a lot of ways to help plan for the year ahead so that you have a successful business strategy.  It’s critical to plan your strategy out ahead of time so that you have a smoother work-flow and process, as well as make sure you’re ahead of the game.  You can get some more business planning tips from this post. 

Remember, the online world is going by so fast as it is, you need to know when, how, and WHY you are doing something.  It is easy to be caught up in content creating and focus less on planning it out, but having a plan can be as simple as a Google calendar and will help alleviate so much stress.

Download our 12-month editorial calendar complete with holidays and observances you should take advantage of in your social media strategy.

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