3 Reasons to Join Facebook Groups


I am 100% a huge advocate for the power of the Facebook community.  But not just for the public profile and advertising potential, but for the closed and private niche-specific Facebook groups.  That’s where the Facebook gold is, in my opinion.

1. Find Your People

Call them your tribe, your network, or just members of your niche.  I like calling them my people.  Because they are.  They share my struggles, my wins.  They are a few steps of ahead of me and provide valuable insight or a few steps behind me and I can pay it forward.  Finding your people makes solving the problems of online entrepreneurship (regardless of your niche) much easier.  Because you have many many more brains to help you, guide you, and cheer you on.

Plus, the more you engage and provide value to a group the more you’re getting a secondary benefit of finding new followers, subscribers, and clients.  After all, this is your niche and your ideal client (or avatar) is going to be in there.

2. Brainsss

Did you hear that in a zombie voice? If you didn’t, then pretend that title read something more classy like “Two Heads Are Always Better Than One“.

I mentioned in #1 that groups give you access to lots of people.  That’s pretty much a hot feature of a Facebook group: your people will brainstorm you into success much better than your spouse/parent/friend who doesn’t share your career passion that you do, even if they are your biggest cheerleader.

3. Learn and Grow

Your people are going to teach you things — if you’re joining the right groups and are engaging.  Facebook Pages simply cannot do this as well as Groups and that’s because they serve different purposes.  The threads in Facebook Groups are designed to foster communication and share successes and failures so people can learn from each other.

Plus, you meet people you might not have met otherwise.  It allows you to expand your reach; lets you discover your next favorite website/book/etc; and then you might even get awesome perks, intel, and/or freebies that you wouldn’t have received had you not met them. 

Come back Thursday to get my tips on how many groups you should be participating in!  Also, join the private Facebook group to get an in-depth walk-through on participating in Facebook groups in this week’s powerhour.

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