Two Types of Facebook Groups to Join Today


Have you joined some Facebook groups for your niche? There are many great reasons to join two different types of Facebook groups: 

1. Facebook Groups Geared Towards Helping You Build Your Business

Join 1-2 of these groups that will help you build your business whether it’s for social media marketing, establishing a brand, understanding market research, developing sales funnels and strategies or others that fit a larger umbrella of “small businesses” or “online entrepreneurs”).

I don’t recommend joining more than 2 because you can always just follow the Facebook pages and gain valuable insight from there without fussing over being super engaged in these groups.

2. Facebook Groups Geared Towards Your Specific Niche

Join 3-6 groups that are niche-specific.  Don’t overwhelm yourself, but take advantage of the different groups out there.  

Some niches are so small that it might be hard to even find too many quality Facebook groups, but some niches are big enough where you can easily find at least six to join.  

I recommend following up to six of niche-specific groups because each group will offer you something different.  Following a variety of startup groups and bigger groups will really help you with finding your people, learning niche-specific tips and insights, networking, and simply being a part of your niche’s community.  Just remember to engage within them!

Also, join the private Facebook group to get an in-depth walk-through on participating in Facebook groups in this week’s powerhour.

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