Why You Should Use SoundCloud for Your Podcast


Article by Olivia Winslow, part of the Skill Space team.

Podcasts rose to popularity in the early 2000’s after the 90’s internet boom. As consumers became adept at having content at their fingertips podcasts became a brilliant marketing tool for businesses as consumers can choose to listen to the podcast whenever and wherever they want. Podcasts are fairly affordable to produce depending on what kind of equipment you use. We recently decided to launch our podcast Build Your Biz. But deciding to launch it and actually launching it is two different things.


Podcast Hosting

The first step to launching our podcast was to find a hosting platform. So what in the world is a hosting platform? A hosting platform is a system that holds the data to your podcast and creates the RSS feed which you use to distribute your podcast. After doing some research I have discovered there are thousands of hosting platforms and some of them can be quite pricey.



While doing my research I came upon a service that I was already familiar with due to my music background, SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a free streaming platform that now has podcast integration! So why did I choose SoundCloud?


SoundCloud is free! This is a perfect option for those of us that are just starting out! Oh, and it gets better SoundCloud offers unlimited posting for free and always is free no matter how large your audience grows, unlike other platforms.


With SoundCloud, you have several different streaming options. With some hosting platforms, you can link it to your website or put it on iTunes. But not with SoundCloud! With SoundCloud, your audience can stream your podcast wherever and whenever they want as long as they have internet access and the SoundCloud app. When uploading your track you can choose to allow people to download the file and stream without internet or just stream it. SoundCloud also has easy website integration. Some website platforms (like Squarespace) have SoundCloud plugins but either way you can quickly embed a SoundCloud player anywhere on your website.

Oh and that’s not all. If you go to the content settings on SoundCloud you can choose to create an RSS feed which then can be used to get your podcast on platforms such as iTunes, Sticher, and TuneIn. Having that ability makes it so much easier to reach a wider audience that is not on SoundCloud. How amazing is that?!?!

The Build Your Biz podcast launches 9/30 on #InternationalPodcastDay. Go ahead and subscribe on SoundCloud, TuneIn, Sticher, and iTunes.