How to Set Up SoundCloud


Article by Olivia Winslow, part of the Skill Space team

So you’ve decided to start a podcast and you’ve chosen SoundCloud as your host. So now what? It’s time to set up your profile!

Your SoundCloud profile has 10 essential parts: display name, profile URL, first name, last name, city, country, short bio, social media links, profile photo, and header. At a later date, we are going to talk all about branding your podcast so we’re not going to focus on your profile photo and header right now.

Display Name

Once you have created your profile it is time to edit it! To edit the settings you need to click the edit button. The edit button is in the right hand corner under the header. There you will see several titles places to fill in info. The first one is the display name. Your display name is the name of your podcast. For many people their podcast is different than their blog or website name. Your podcast name should show a bit about what your podcast is about. Our podcast name is “Build Your Biz” and our podcast is about building your biz through tips and tricks from fellow business owners. Once you have picked your podcast name put it into the display name field.

Profile URL

Your profile URL is how people find you. Your profile URL includes your SoundCloud screen name. Since your podcast is associated with your business you commonly use the same screen name as the rest of your social media. All our social media is under @skill_space. Using the same screen name as your other social media makes it easier for people to find you on SoundCloud!

First Name & Last Name

These fields are pretty self explanatory. If your name is associated with your company, enter it here. If not leave it blank!

City & Country

Next is where your based out of. Not every business owner says there based out of where they really live. Say if you live in a town of 30,000 you may say your based out of the nearest large city. Now the country you’re from. That is pretty self explanatory.

Short Bio

Your bio is so important. If someone was to come across your profile and didn’t know who you are this tells them exactly who you are and what you are about. Our bio is basically our mission statement. It is straight and to the point and tells people exactly what we are about.

Connect Social Media Links

Now the most important part of your profile, in my opinion, your social media links. Not everyone will have the exact same social media links. Some niche’s are on other platforms that others. For us we have our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Website, and Email. For the most part we have our links in alphabetical order with the exception of our email. Having our email at the bottom is just my preference.


Now all you need is a profile picture and a header.