Increase Your Audience Engagement with Interact Quizzes


Who doesn’t love the occasional Buzzfeed quiz? Well, can you imagine having a quiz that does the same thing as Buzzfeed for your website by providing tailored response-driven results to the quiz takers?  Skill Space is developing a sister site to provide better curated business tools and we are using Interact to do just that.   

Here’s why you should use Interact:

01. It’s Easy and There’s a Free Version

Though there is a lot of options that you can use to customized your quiz (images, cover pages, different quiz tips, color schemes, and how to score up the results), Interact makes it all very easy using a lefthand sidebar.  The free version will also get you quite far, unlike other quiz making programs.

02. Outcome Quizzes Will Change Everything

Using an outcome quiz will not only be a great addition to your website or business, but it will impress your audience, allow you to get custom results for your audience based on their answers, and it will be an excellent way to engage (and dare we say interact with them) on a different level than others are able to do?  Outcome quizzes are not in widespread use!  So jump on the quiz train like Skill Space did with our Be Your Own Boss website and Interact

How to Create Your First Interact Quiz

Login by going to

  • You can select from a pre-made quiz or from scratch.
  • This left sidebar will be your editing dashboard.
  • With the paid account you can connect with third-party email marketing programs to make sure the quiz will be a lead capture.

  • Follow down vertically in the left sidebar as it will prompt you how to create your quiz.
  • In the right screen you can now design the layout of each question, including selecting the answer type (text or images like in most of those Buzzfeed Quizzes).
  • In the upper right hand corner of the screen you will see “Set Answer Scores.” This is where you can assign the numeric value or range of values to each different quiz result or outcome.  

  • For instance, the following simplified situation: 
    • “No” is equivalent to the numeric value of 0 and “Yes” is equivalent to 1.  If each question has the answer options as “Yes” or “No” with the same numeric value assignment.  Then a 3 question quiz with the answers “Yes,” “No,” and “No” would be a total quiz value of 1.  And a total quiz value of 1 will present a corresponding quiz outcome which might be “You are a beginner” versus “You are an expert” which might be assigned to a total quiz value of 3.

After you publish

After publishing your quiz and embedding it on to your website (a simple process), you have tools at your disposal in the analytics dashboard as well as being able to keep up with your leads.

Super easy, right!?  Go ahead and go create your first quiz and share it back here in the comments so we can see what you’ve created and even take it ourselves!


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