3 Ways to Create Killer Marketing Tools with Visme


Personalized and interactive marketing tools will increase your success rate with networking and with conversions.  Why?  Because people are attracted to killer visuals and appreciate when they are spoken to directly.  If you create interactive and enticing marketing tools, whether that’s a hero image, a blog post graphic, an infographic, or a presentation as part of a pitch.  And if it’s personalized even a little bit?  Then they are going to be wanting to find out more!

Visme will offer you killer marketing tools, like graphics, infographics, and presentations.  All in an easy-to-use project design system.  

“People are attracted to killer visuals and
appreciate when they are spoken to directly.”

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Create an infographic

You can create a pretty awesome infographic effortlessly with Visme.  My husband runs a website for 3D printers called Adylinn Studio and needs a program like Visme to create attractive visuals in an easy manner.  We plugged in some information for an upcoming course he’s working on to show you how easy creating an infographic can be.  Here is what we created using Visme:

 The editing dashboard for the infographic creation.

The editing dashboard for the infographic creation.

 The infographic (not completed).

The infographic (not completed).

Create website graphics

Using needs for Adylinn Studio, I easily created a graphic using Visme’s charts function.  Adylinn Studio needed a good way to illustrate a design project’s difficulty level (easy, medium, hard).  In less than ten minutes, we had created a great graphic to illustrate the three levels for use with each design project.  

Create Slide Decks

One of the bigger features is their full animation engine that can create some powerful slides and presentations.  You can easily create a presentation with an unlimited number of slides.  You can think of it as Powerpoint but with 21st century graphics and templates. 

This is a great strategy for those of you that need to send open-worthy email pitches or a video-type component to your websites or social media channels.

Some final thoughts on Visme

Visme has a lot to offer including many icons, graphics, and a lot of pre-made templates. I did run into a snag or two simply just trying to get used to the program, like you will see in the video as I’m trying to play with the infographic title.

Here is a great comparison post with short video walk-throughs to best see what all Visme can do.

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