How to Create an Optin Freebie in Squarespace for FREE


Step One

Go to your Squarespace dashboard and enter your blog portal.

Step Two

Once in your blog portal, choose a blog post and open to edit it.

You need to add a content block; once you open the window of content block options, scroll down and under “More” select “Newsletter.”

Step Three

You will first be prompted to choose a Google Drive or Mailchimp account.  Once you have selected your account, then you will be able to start editing your Newsletter content block.

In the Display section, edit your “Title” to something more catchy like “Grab your freebie!” or “Sign up to download your free checklist.”  Then edit your subscription, click whether or not you want to require the name field, and your disclaimer.

Then, in the Storage section, in case you didn’t already do it when prompted at first, make sure your new email addresses go to the right storage list in your Mailchimp or Google Drive accounts. 

Step Four

In the Advanced section, this is where you change the “Subscribe” button to say something more like “Join now,” “Submit,” “Grab your download,” etc. However, this is also where you add your freebie.

In the “Post-Submit Message” area, you need to say your little “thank you for subscribing” but also “here’s your freebie!”  Then what you do is you highlight that “here’s your freebie!” message you choose to use and click the option in the editing bar that allows you to add a link/hyperlink to the highlighted text.

At that point, the new window allows you to add an external hyperlink to your highlighted text, or you can attach a file to the highlighted text.

Select the option to attach a file and then you can either upload a new file or search from existing files in your previously uploaded documents. 

Almost all file types are accepted to upload, including PDFs, DOCs, JPGs, and even folders.  

Learn more about this in the official Squarespace support forum that addresses topics like adding files, editing files, etc. 


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