Meet Brittney Rossie


It’s my joy in to introduce you all to Brittney Rossie. She started out as a digital nomad while working and traveling internationally and she actually launched her business while abroad in Central America!

She’s a self-taught designer and began teaching herself online marketing for her and her husbands international work when she realized she could help others with these topics.

A little fun fact about her: She’s obsessed with personality assessments.

So, it only makes sense to share that, in addition to being a business strategist and digital designer, she’s an INTJ (Myers-Briggs).

(Introverts, unite!)

Basically, finding simpler solutions and creating beautiful and intuitive systems is her jam.

how brittney rossie can be your next best resource

Brittney has been a favorite of Skill Space since she first signed on as a professional service provider in our database.  She uses a unique twist to help entrepreneurs discover their best self so that they can really bring their goals to life.

She revamped at the end of 2016 and we are so excited to what she has to offer you all in 2017:


  • Mark Your X

    This is a FREE 5 day email course on how to choose a strengths-based evergreen niche. She’s created an accompanying e-workbook (fillable PDF) to help you work out your own answers as you go along.
    Knowing your niche, and whether or not it is viable, is foundational in your business. It’s not something to be glossed over. That’s why she takes 5 days to break down what a good niche is, how choose one based on your strengths, how to validate both your strengths and the niche idea and how to make it profitable.

  • Business Basecamp:
    Skill Space has previously bragged about this free email course and today is no different now that she has updated it for 2017.

    Unlike Mark Your X, Business Basecamp is a go-at-your-own-pace, one-stop-shop for all things business. It is best done acer having chosen your niche and industry and having validated it in Mark Your X.

    In Business Basecamp, Brittney cover the big 3 topics that come up when starting a business: Branding, Site Building and Business Formation. She breaks down each of those topics into more digestible chunks so as to reduce the overwhelm when starting your business.

    When you enroll in Business Basecamp, you’ll also be invited to join the Facebook community Business Basecamp where you can find support and give support on the dusty entrepreneurial trail.

    Oh and did we mention this epic course is also FREE.


Brittney’s blog has some amazing resources and tips for free to all those who visit.  She has even guestposted on Skill Space with a great DIY tutorial for creating an auto-invite channel with Slack and Heroku.  Needless to say, she is a very knowledgeable resource for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike.

Web Design

Lastly, Brittney’s talent expands to website and blogsite design.  You can find her Skill Space profile listing her services but you can also learn more about hiring her from her website. 


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