How to Create a Winning LinkedIn Headline


Turning Your Boring Headline Into One that Converts

By default, LinkedIn makes a user’s headline the following: Current Position at Current Employer.  Some might not even know they can change that.  But you can and you should!  This will dramatically change your view and conversion rates.

If you read our SEO series on Google search algorithms, then learning LinkedIn has their own search algorithm shouldn’t be a hard task to master.  This means, know your keywords.  We’ve included a downloadable social media keyword planner to help you with this.



Sell yourself

Just like any other marketing and advertising platform, you need to sell yourself.  The difference between LinkedIn versus like Twitter or Facebook is that you are quite literally selling yourself versus a product or service.

Some professions and industry allow for a good bit of creativity.

We’ve compiled a list of ten examples from fellow entrepreneurs:

Notice a pattern?  All of these entrepreneurs are in the creative industries and definitely know how to not only sell themselves, but catch the reader’s attention.  Whether advertising as a human guinea pig, stating out your mission, or utilizing some key business titles, going above and beyond what most of LinkedIn members are doing is essential to stand out.

implement these 3 tips and turn your boring bio into a winning headline that converts:

  1. Download our social media keyword planner.
    Let us help you define what message you are trying to get across.  Whether you’re using the planner for LinkedIn or Instagram, it’s important to know what are the optimal keywords you need to be using across your brand both for consistency and optimization.
  2. You have 120 characters to take your keywords and sell your story by mixing traditional job titles with popular pop culture references.
    Borrow the strategy from the above examples to catch the attention of your profile visitors, essentially this trick is called “click bait.”
    • If you’re a blogger, think about how you are the founder of your blog, a content creator of share-worthy content.  
    • If you sell products (physical or digital), you can add less traditional nouns like mainstream pop culture references to advertise how you’re more than just the Owner of the shop.  Advertise yourself as a graphic design guru, the Katniss Everdeen of social media for example, or a how-to hero for the digital age in addition to being the CEO, founder, marketing analyst, etc.
  3. Don’t just stop with LinkedIn: carry these tips over to other platforms.
    If you are the Katniss Everdeen of social media marketing, plaster that on your other networks’ biographies and profiles.  If it works for the more professional LinkedIn, it will work for Twitter and consistency is key when it comes to branding yourself and your business.

Want to read more?  Here are a few great articles also discussing the topic of developing a better LinkedIn headline.

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