Business Tweaks to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet


Here are six tweaks or hacks to help you behind the scenes with your business.  We have personally vetted all of these recommendations and use all of them regularly for Skill Space.  Plus, we have a giveaway for five of you!  Happy New Year!

The Ultimate Business Planner

Buy the Ultimate Business Planner by The Alisha Nicole.  It is jam-packed with great prompts for getting your business organized.  In fact, the first five people who comment below stating that they have signed up for the Member Network will get a free copy (please leave your email address in the comments so we can be in touch).

Here is what you can expect to find in the planner: 

  • Prompts for building your vision
  • Goal planning
  • Profit logs
  • Stat tracker
  • Accomplishment log (yay for patting yourself on the back!)
  • Product ideas and development
  • Undated monthly calendars
  • Mind mapping
  • Reflections
  • Plenty of space for notes


HoneyBook is a great project and client management system with a smartphone app so you can stay organized with each client from the very first inquiry until the project is completed.  This is done all in a beautiful interface and can be customized to meet your needs.

Read more: HoneyBook

Social Media Scheduler

There are an abundance of options out there, we’ve previously reviewed many of them and are in the process of re-reviewing them since there have been changes and updates.  For Skill Space, we invested in SmarterQueue and love it for many reasons, including evergreen content recycling and advanced scheduling options.  

Of course, this should not always be a replacement for live, real-time social media posting, but it’s a great way to save yourself hours of time.

Hire a VA

We went through a whole VA series in late 2016 and we firmly advocate for hiring VAs and business managers to help you with your business goals and take some tasks off your plate so you can focus on more important tasks.

Read more from our complete Hiring a VA blog series.

Enroll in Skill Space’s free e-course

Did you know Skill Space has a free e-course?  We teach you about building your business in seven days and go over topics many free e-courses don’t really touch on.  Why?  Because we want to give you some actionable strategies for free because we care about you and your business!

Content we cover includes:

  • Where you should start
  • Which platform you should use
  • Whether or not you should register your business
  • Social media marketing basics
  • What you should include in your website and its design
  • How you can protect your website
  • and MORE!

Enroll by signing up to be a member of our free community here.


There are so many great hacks that IFTTT (short for If This, Then That) can provide.  We are working on summing up the best business hacks in a blog post for you, but until then just sign up and browse around to see what you can do to help automate business and social media functions.

For instance, did you know you can catalog your @mentions on Twitter to an Evernote post?  Or you can post your scheduled Mailchimp campaigns on to your Google calendar?

We hope these tweaks help you with your business!

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