We would like to introduce you to HoneyBook, a wonderful all-in-one program for freelancers to manage their clients, invoicing, events, and more all in a beautiful interface.

Straight from their website, HoneyBook allows you to “enhance your brand” by providing templates for “digital proposals, contracts, and invoices for eSignature” in a feature-packed project management system.

Your clients will be able to view, book, and pay for services straight from the user-friendly website.  HoneyBook includes a “pipeline” so you can keep track of your clients from the first inquiry until the final invoice.

  What the HoneyBook Pipeline looks like when logged in

What the HoneyBook Pipeline looks like when logged in


There are so many advantages and useful features to using HoneyBook as a freelancer, photographer, vendor, or independent contractor  Though the system is primarily attracting wedding vendors, it can still be used by those outside the wedding area including graphic designers, freelance artists, and other types of digital services.

To expand further from above…


This includes pictures, files, and such for your brochures, contracts, as well as your client portal.


You can customize the contact form you embed on your very own website, regardless of what platform you use and it will sync up within the HoneyBook system to your contact directory as well as to events and workspaces.

Proposals & Contracting

You can create many templates for proposals, services listings in the format of brochures, invoices, independent contractor agreements, questionnaires, and more.

Client Management

Through your Pipeline, you can see what stage each of your events, projects, or client workspaces are in.  For instance, are you waiting on them to sign a contract, pay a retainer fee, are you in the planning or design phase, or have you completed the project?  This all can be customized as well so that you can use stages that apply to your own business and process.


Believe it or not, there aren’t many downfalls in our opinion for HoneyBook.

  • This system does seem to be geared mostly towards photographers and event planners.  Other professionals have to work around a few details a little bit because of that.  For instance, event and workspace categories consist of “wedding,” “corporate,” “social,” “family,” or “other.”
  • No current plans to include PayPal or Stripe.

how to get started

Through December 31, 2016, HoneyBook is a one-time $500 fee** which customers will be grandfathered in to all future updates and never need to pay again.  Starting in 2017, a new payment plan will takeover.  Until then, the current one-time fee includes having a HoneyBook team member get you set up on the system for no additional prices.

** Did you know that you can deduct business expenses on your taxes?  Tax season is right around the corner!  Learn more about filing taxes as a small business or blogger from our tax guide.

Disclaimer: We are writing this post because we believe in the product featured.  Compensation has not been provided for this post, however HoneyBook has verified the information within this post.  Through December 31st, 2016 when you sign up for HoneyBook with our referral link you get $100 off your membership and we would get credit as well.


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