Announcing… Georgina is now a part of the team!


Hello all, 

I would like to announce that we have added Georgina as part of the Skill Space team!  She has been an amazing virtual assistant over the past couple months and now she is signed on to be more of a present face for the Skill Space brand.

Here is a little bit about Georgi: 

Georgina is a former fashion designer, dinosaur graphic designer – She started way back in 2000 on her first Macintosh. I know…old!! – turned executive VA, social media strategist, and Facebook ads manager. She loves all shiny new objects preferably in the online space – nerd alert- and she dreams of having her own fashion blog while she sips her not diet approved mochachino…because you is still too short not to indulge from time to time. Her greatest love is her fur baby and living next to the beach should be mandatory forever for her. In short…if you have questions about being a VA, anything social media or FB ads she is your gal.


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