How to Hire a VA


In case you missed it, learn about ways to find virtual assistants as well as how to interview them.


Have you narrowed down your short list even further?  Now it’s time for the nitty gritty legal stuff.


It is 100% important for both you and your new hire to have a contract in place.  

This protects all parties: it protects you from making sure you get what you’re paying for and it protects them from the few bad client seeds in this world.  So, don’t be offended if you are asked to sign a contract.

This agreement also outlines the basics of your working relationship such as:

  • what services they are providing, the tasks and the projects
  • how they wish to be paid, when, and what happens if any exceptions might arise
    Eg, say you’re a little late one month.  In the agreement, it will tell you if this person will be a little lenient or if they just stop cold turkey when you’re partnership.
  • how long you will be working together and how to terminate the working relationship


There are a lot of fun tax rules to learn about with your new employee.  Don’t worry, like we said above, they are an independent contractor so you don’t need to worry about providing benefits.

Every country is different, but in the United States, there are a lot of considerations both to each party’s advantage and potentially (but unlikely) to each party’s disadvantage.  Skill Space goes over this in-depth in our e-book, Filing Taxes as a Blogger or Small Business.  But here is the super quick summary:

  • Yes, they are considered a tax-deductible expense.
  • There is an extra form you have to fill out (and send to both them and the IRS) if you pay them more than $600 in one year.

Skill Space would like to offer a special shout-out to the VA/OBMs who helped create this series: Amber KimGeorgi Peterson, Melorna Lloyd, and Yolanda McAdam.


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    Thank you, Amy!! It is so much fun working with you. You are my dream client.

    Indeed it is very important to have such a contract. It also feels so much more legit and PayPal will be less of a pain if trouble arises.

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