7 No-Brainer Marketing Techniques Your Online Biz Needs


Marketing Solved has this really great graphic roaming around on Pinterest and social media talking about the top 50 marketing habits your business should be using.

On Twitter, Skill Space was asked what our top FIVE of those were.  Well, we ended up narrowing it down to ten because some are really great and some are kind of more commonsense.

Read the full list of 50 from Marketing Solved here.

1. Start a blog and provide valuable information to your readers.

This is tip #3 from Marketing Solved and really is Skill Space’s #1 marketing technique.  Aiming to provide free and actionable information with a blog is absolutely hands down the best marketing technique for a business in the online world.  Now, does it grow traffic as well as other things?  Yes and no.  Once you have a blog then you have to market your blog and that includes extra tasks.  But, getting people to your website and having them stick around means having something for them to stick around and do.

2. Collect emails

Tip #16 from Marketing Solved is probably tip #1 for any professional and skilled marketer or online business owner.  You need to have a way to contact your peeps and social media is not the best way to connect to them.  Collecting their email, promising to continue delivering great things straight to their inbox (whether it’s discounts and deals on products or more helpful information like you provide in the blog) is absolutely necessary for online businesses and brands.

Hands down, no questions asked, you need to focus on list-building with email addresses.

3. Utilize SEO strategies

SEO is very valuable in aiding your business to target the right audience/customers and to rank highly in organic search results.  Essentially, SEO can directly increase sales and views.  Does this sound like jibberish?  Refresh yourself with our SEO glossary of terms.  

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4. Giveaway freebies

Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Give away exclusive content, offer up your time and talent, create a checklist, buy them something they would want and actually use (like a great book, a software program, etc).  It’s two birds with one stone this one as it hits Marketing Solved’s #36 (give away freebies to fans) and #37 (thank your customers).


Ok, ok. This isn’t always easy especially when you don’t actually know who you are saying thank you to (it’s not like you physically can meet and greet your customers, after all).  But there are definitely alternatives to redundantly (and quite desperately) saying “THANK YOU FOR READING” at the end of every webpage and blog post.

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6. Review your competition

A sneaky but successful marketing technique is to check out your competition.  This is actually a necessary step in performing market research, in spite of Marketing Solved ranking it #38.  Look at what your competitors are doing, jot down what they are doing right.  But also look at what they might not be doing that they could be doing… then YOU do it.

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7. Keep your creative ideas stored in an ongoing list

Whether it be Evernote or a small notebook you keep in your pocket, you need to be writing down your ideas whenever your ideas strike you.  Listed #5 according to Marketing Solved, most of the highest-earning CEOs credit carrying around notebooks with them to do just this. 


What techniques do you think we missed?
What works for you in your business’ marketing strategy?


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