How to Find Your VA


We’ve already ran through why you need a virtual assistant, virtual administrator, or online business manager.  Whatever you call them, their job is to work for you and make you successful. Now, how the heck do you find one of them?  And how do you go about figuring out which one to hire?  Continue reading my friend…


  • Inquire in private Facebook groups.  There are many great Facebook groups out there dedicated to your niche and VAs walk amongst them on purpose.  They engage within the group just like you do.  All you have to do is post a status asking the group who all is a VA and you most likely will get multiple responses.
  • Check out a VA finding website.  Websites like The International Virtual Assistants Association, Upwork, and Fiverr all have virtual assistants ready to be hired and you can search potential candidates by logging in (sign up is usually free).
  • Browse Skill Space Services.  This was why we created Skill Space: to connect you with professionals in whatever category you needed!  Did you know Skill Space lists services for VAs?  It’s free and no sign-up required for you.  Just hop on over and check out the ones we’ve already vetted for you.

Ideally you should be reaching out to several different VAs and/or OBMs.  This person is going to be a part of your business team so you need to, at the very least, “click” with each other.  They need to financially be within your budget and they need to have the skills you require for your business.

So after you have your list of potentials, start scheduling calls or chats with them.  After just a few back-and-forth emails, you can probably narrow down a short list.  But definitely don’t judge a book by it’s cover with VAs.  Many are extremely well-qualified in numerous important tasks however web design might not be one of them — that’s why we hire web designers.

Skill Space would like to offer a special shout-out to the VA/OBMs who helped create this post: Amber Kim, who is listed in our Skill Space services database, and Georgi Peterson, who is currently Skill Space’s stellar VA.


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