Build Biz in 7 Launch


Hello, hello!

We have officially launched the brain-child of Skill Space, Build Your Biz in 7 in order to better streamline the community.

From here on out, all member community access will go through that website.  It will be a much more interactive and visitor-friendly experience for our community members.  Certain points of the Skill Space and Build Biz in 7 websites link to each other interchangeably. 

Our goal is to have Skill Space completely free and have no password protected pages.  Skill Space will still function as a blog and professional service listing database.  In addition, courses, ebooks, and content will be developed for everyone.

However, for those who want to go a step beyond, our member community on this new website, Build Your Biz in 7, will require you to have an account and login.  At this time, it is still 100% free to be a member of the community.  There are downloadables, free courses, free ebooks, forums, a private Facebook group, and free 1:1 coaching all at your disposal 24/7.

If you aren’t already a member, sign up today!  And I’ll see you over there in the community! 

Thank you, fellow Builders. 

– Amy Smith