3 Reasons You Need a VA


You’re running your own business and you want to be your own boss, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some help.  VA’s, short for virtual assistants or virtual administrators,  can help you improve your ability to be productive and efficient.

Yolanda McAdam from Suite532 put it in this great way: 

A VA supports your business and can be hired to take on tasks like document production, bookkeeping, database management, calendar management, content creation, event management etc, but they can also offer more focused support like marketing.  

Outsource What You Hate Doing

Running a business requires a lot of tasks.  As a c-level, founder, blogger, shop owner, etc, your time is valuable.  So let someone else do the remedial things that you hate doing and spend you’re time doing what you do best.  These tasks can include social media management, email outreach, store and website setup, content editing, and more.

Get a Second Pair of Eyes (and Ears and Brain)

Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to look over your work and sometimes you need a sounding board.  In the online business world having someone who can make sure your message is getting across clearly, concisely, and appropriately is essential.  Brainstorm with them, let them proofread copy and materials, listen to their feedback, and then execute the best way forward for your business together.

Hire a Professional

Heck, sometimes you just need someone who knows what they are doing so you can focus on what you are doing.  Delegation is a great asset.

VAs are professional managers and administrators and are most likely more skilled at certain running-a-business tasks than you — so let them do their job. 

In fact, some VAs are OBMs (Online Business Managers).  They will be efficient and produce results in ways you might not realize you needed.  So think of it this way, things you shouldn’t be doing (whether you like it or not), just go ahead and let a professional do that.  Eg, calendar management, customer service, launch planning, etc.


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