Skill Space Relaunch


Skill Space is officially rebranded and live from here on out.  We are very excited to be back and have been working hard on bringing more features and quality content to our readers and members.

relaunch fun

Now, everyone that signs up for our free community gets a free tax cheatsheet download (located in our library of resources).  In addition, anyone who signs up for our free community before September 10, 2016 AND shares about us on social media will be automatically entered to win one of our twelve business bundles


Check out @Skill_Space, a free community for #creatives & #entrepreneurs,
tons of great content, plus a free #business e-course. 

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With that said, I want to hit on a few highlights on the new website and community:

The Blog

  • New blog posts will go live every Tuesday and Thursday, with the exception of major holidays (eg, USA Thanksgiving) at 6am EST.
  • Content will include a new series called SEO Like a Pro, downloadables, and a lot of free content and information so that you can learn various skills and about tools to improve your business.
  • At this time, no expert interviews or guest posts are being accepted, however if you would like to be on the waiting list, you can email us and let us know.

Service listings

  • Skill Space will continue to be a place where we can connect you to the services that you need.  We will host profiles of designers, accountants, bloggers, copywriters, managers, and more.  Hopefully, whatever you need you will find it on our website.

the (free) community

  • The Brand Collective Network is now simply the Member Network (or Skill Space Member Network / SSMN).  Again, this is completely free!
  • By signing up with an account, you will get:
    • a monthly newsletter with curated content as well as exclusive offers and discounts
    • access to our library of resources with free downloadables, checklists, worksheets, ebooks, and more
    • access to our mastermind groups, live chats, and forum
    • our brand new e-course Building Your Business 101, a free seven-day comprehensive course open to all members

our free e-course

  • Building Your Business 101 (or BYB101) is free for all the SSMN year-round.  This will always be a free e-course and the goal is to offer a comprehensive and actionable guide to starting a business or blog.
  • A paid follow-up course will be available once a quarter starting in 2017.

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