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Feel like there is so much information out there and you are so inspired but also so overwhelmed?  Well, this past year I’ve been taking all the free e-mail and online courses for you so that you don’t have to waste your time on the … well, not as helpful ones.  There are many out there that just stick to the very basic bullet points without even touching on anything worthy or actionable unless you buy into the course.  However, I have found a few gems for you that I can’t wait to share.

What free #business courses are worth your time?
Here are 12 options for you!

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Beginner business + blogging courses

Starting from the very beginning?  You maybe even have a good bit under your belt, but here are the awesome courses that will really help you move to the next level:

Researching for this article, inspired me to make my own e-course that was thorough, helpful, and actionable.  I go a little bit further including information like whether you should register as an LLC, how to make your website reader-friendly, marketing basics, etc.  All the things you really do need to know both when getting started AND moving to the next level.

intermediate business + marketing courses

These are for those who really need knowledge to enhance skills you already have or to further DIY your own business to increase it’s success.


What do you think?

Have you taken any of the above courses?  What were your thoughts?  Honestly, my favorite two were Business Basecamp by Adventure of Existence and Create Irresistible Incentives by Kory Woodard as both of them were very informative, beautifully laid out, thought-provoking, and super actionable.

Feel like I’m missing any courses from this list?  Tell me below in the comments!  I’d love to take the course and consider adding it to this list!



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