3 Reasons You Should Take Our Free E-Course Building Your Business 101


First of all, welcome back!

We’ve been writing Building Your Business 101 as part of a two part course for one main reason: we really wanted to provide actually valuable information to readers for free.

I’ve taken quite a few free e-courses back when I was a blogger at The Charming and found myself thinking they were all the same and I wasn’t learning anything actually useful and actionable.  I created this course to change that.

So let me tell you about Building Your Business 101.

  • There are seven days of lessons, including access to downloadables and resources to help you build your business.
  • Topics and modules include: identifying your business structures, legal ways to protect your startup business, creating reader-friendly content, basic design concepts for your website, marketing, business tools, and more.

Now, why should you sign up to take BYB101?

1. It’s free.

So, why the heck not?

2. You’ll learn something.

Okay, so maybe you’re already a marketing whiz or you have a legal background.  But this is more than just your average free course. Plus, it’s free, so why not give it a try?

3. You get access to many more free features.

In order to take BYB101, you have to sign up for our free Brand Collective Network.  With that, you get so many more features!  Yes, there is a monthly newsletter with curated content and special offers (but we promise not to spam you!).  You also access our library of additional free resources, and can join us on our forum and monthly mastermind live chats.

See you in the BCN, friends!