Why You Should Use Google for Your Editorial Calendar


I’ve long been on the search for the “perfect” way to stay organized.  I adore the feeling of having a nice planner in front of me so I can “pencil” in appointments and such, but that can be annoying to lug around.  Here is a run down of how and why I use Google Calendar as my Editorial Calendar all things blog and business.

Many bloggers recommend having an editorial calendar and there’s many reasons why you should: staying organized, being proactive with your blog, being consistent as a blogger, helping you plan, letting you keep better track of your blog, time management, sanity, etc.

Why Google?

  • Most people have Gmail
    • utilize your other features you get for free with your Gmail account, like your Google Calendar (and your Drive).
  • Google accounts sync up on so many phones and devices seamlessly so you can have them all across your devices: you phone, computer, and tablet.

Google Calendar

  • I color code different categories and types of posts.  I also use “!!” and a red color to indicate that I still need to write or get something ready for that post.  Then, I will change it to the more subtler designated colors that that post will fall under.
  • You can also have multiple calendars within Google calendar to achieve the color coding and further organization needs that you might want.  This could be advantageous because then you can “hide” and “show” calendars as you want to see or not see them.

Making Technology Your B*

  • If someone inquires about submitting a guest post, a brand reaches out and wants to know when I could write a post for them, if I’m trying to remember when a sponsor has their feature scheduled, etc, I just refer to my closest device for the answer.
  • I do also have my personal calendar on my phone, so you may see that that calendar is busier than on my other devices.  Usually my computers and my tablet are just for my editorial calendar and blog planning.  Therefore, my tablet also only has my blog and business emails on it so it really is just streamlining my organization and planning.
  • For this post, the phone and tablet are Android devices so the calendar widget is right on one of the home screens.
  • Instead of carrying around a planner, use a smart device that’s more lightweight and versatile.  Some tablets can even have a stylus so it’s like using a pen and paper.

If you’re using Google for Gmail, just click on over to utilize the calendar portion if you aren’t already.  Add an event from any one device and it is present on all of them!  All the blog planning and editorial needs are simplified with this and you will feel like you have your own personal assistants when it comes to scheduling.