Q&A with Melyssa Griffin


Melyssa is the blogger and creative force behind The Nectar Collective, a website dedicated to providing information for businesses and bloggers alike.  With the help of her collaborators, Melyssa has created a hub with a wealth of tools for readers to improve themselves and their brands.  

Where do you learn the content for your blog?

By reading and experiencing. There’s no quick way to learn anything and the best strategy for me has just to completely immerse myself in the blogging and online business world. I’m quick to try new products, read new books, and search for ways that I can continue to master my craft. It all goes back to curiosity and discipline.

How do you distinguish when a resource should be free and when it should be paid?

That’s a tough question! Generally, my free resources cover the surface of a topic. They are still in-depth and useful, but they won’t show you how to become an expert on any given topic. My paid resources, on the other hand, are extensive and include step-by-step systems for my students to follow. Also, most of my paid resources include different forms of media, such as video, rather than just text. Basically, if you can create an entire series about something with expert advice, it could probably be offered as a paid product.

How do you stay organized with content and ideas, especially with multiple collaborators?

The contributors and I have a system where they can send me pitch ideas and then write their posts. That makes it easier for all of us to manage their upcoming content. As for me, I keep Google Docs with new ideas, add things to my planner and Asana, and keep and editorial calendar for my blog. 

Do you ever refresh and recycle content?  If so, are there any principles you follow for doing so?

Sometimes! I’ve never reposted a post blog post again, but I have used similar content from a previously published blog post in order to create Instagram posts, Periscope broadcasts, and more. I think it’s important to recycle and repurpose content, both because people often won’t digest it completely on their first time listening and because people learn in different ways (i.e. they consume information on different platforms).

How do you structure your day and week?

I tend to work a normal schedule with regular weekday working hours. But since I have more freedom, I’ll let things ebb and flow naturally. So, if I’m feeling worn out on a Tuesday at 1pm, then I’ll take a break or call the rest of the day off. I tend to work in the evenings or on weekends if I have nothing else planned, mainly because I absolutely love my job and look forward to working on it. But I know I need balance, which is why I try to stick to regular hours, with some exceptions. 🙂

What blogs and websites do you refer to for your own pleasure/blog reading?

I really love Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn and Marie Forleo’s website. They are both such stellar and impressive people.

If you could be in another career, what would you choose?

I would probably want to work for a non-profit or something to do with teaching or hosting art-related events for kids. Hopefully one day I can incorporate both of those things into my current business, too!

What’s your dream city to live in?

Right now I’m really interested in living in Portland, Oregon. I love the weather, greenery, vibe of the city, and creative community. And lower housing prices is always nice, too. 😉

What’s your perfect Saturday?

It would probably involve a big, almond milk latte and going for a walk with my dog and boyfriend in a forest somewhere, haha! I love nature and always feel happy when I’m surrounded by it. I’d also do something fun and kind of quirky, like going to an Improv show with friends.