A Note from Amy

We are excited to launch this labor of love.  We hope that you can find your way around this site with ease and that it provides you some guidance as you move forward with your blog or business.  We have many plans for Skill Space but we are starting small so that it’s manageable for launch and then there will still be time and room to grow.

You can learn more about my husband and I from The Charming where I occasionally chronicle their lives with our tenth month old daughter.  It will primarily be me that you hear from as I’m really more the creative type, plus I have a little bit more spare time and energy for these projects that I take on.  However, like I said we are both equally excited about Skill Space and truly hope we can move forward and continue to grow for and with you!

This blog section will, from here on out, provide tips, inspiration, how-to’s, q&as, and information directly geared towards growing your blog and business.  If you would like to be featured, you can email us at hello@skill-space.com.

Thank you for visiting!

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